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How do I book?
Firstly give us a ring, or complete the contact form, to check if we are available. If we are available we can hold the date for up to 7 days. By which time you will need to sign a copy of the contract (which we will forward on to you) and pay a non-refundable deposit of £200. The outstanding balance should be settled 14 days before the Wedding date. All payments can be made by BACs (preferred) or Cheque.
How far in advance should I book your services?
As soon as possible as we only film one wedding per day, therefore if we are booked on that date we will be unable to help you. It is not unusual for bookings to be made two years in advance !
What areas do you cover?
We offer full UK and European coverage but remember we can only do one wedding per day.
Will our church / venue allow filming?
Only a very small selection of churches and venues prohibit the use of cameras and video cameras, but we would advise you to double check this anyway.
How intrusive are the cameras?
We ensure that we blend in and remain as unobtrusive as possible (we are not ‘in your face’ !).
Do you film digitally?
Yes, we film using professional broadcast quality High Definition Digital cameras and we also edit digitally using the latest non-linear edit suite.
If you film in HD, will we be able to watch it on my normal TV?
We film in the highest quality HD footage possible. Thereby having the master filmed in the highest resolution possible. Blu-ray players can play both Blu-ray and DVD onto an HD 1080 TV whereas DVD players can only play DVDs but on any TV.
How long will our film be?
Generally our wedding films will play between 1 and 2 hours (depending on the Package selected)
What music can I have?
You can choose your own selection of music which we will licence for you through the MCPS.
Do your Blu-rays and DVDs include chapters/scene selections?
YES all our Blu-rays and DVDs are authored with chapters. Allowing you to view scene selections of your special day.
Can you film messages from family and friends on the day?
Yes – we term them as ‘Vox Pops’ , where we film guests talking to camera about the Happy Couple and the day in general (we are very discreet).
How soon after the wedding will we receive the Blu-rays / DVDs?
We endeavour to release your Blu-ray / DVD film of your Wedding within 4 weeks, normally we can complete within 2 weeks.
Do you have insurance cover?

We have £5 million Public Liability insurance, and Indemnity.

Can I upgrade my chosen package?
Yes you can but we need to know at least 14 days before your Wedding Day.
Do we get to meet you before the Wedding?
Generally we like to meet up with the Bride and Groom a few weeks before the wedding so we can get to know them and discuss their Big Day.
Do you film Weddings or Civil Ceremonies for Gay couples?

In recent years we have found an increasing number of requests for Civil Partnership Ceremonies for gay couples. We know how important it is for couples to find a videographer who treats them just the same as any other Bride and Groom.

Can't I economise by getting a friend / relative to video my wedding?

You could do! However, since we specialise in wedding filming, we know what the bride and groom will want to see and hear. We believe that only the highest audio and visual quality is required to produce a professional record of the day. You wouldn’t believe the stories that we’ve heard from disappointed Brides and Grooms that have gone down the road of using friends/relatives to video their day. From bad sound, poor shaky pictures and missed important moments , not to mention lack of insurance and copyright infringement of music!